• Sex trafficking is the 3rd most profitable business in organized crime
  • As many as 4 million women and children are sold for sex (world wide) each year
  • $200 is the average cost of one hour with an underage prostitute
  • Of this, the prostitute makes about $3: Used to pay off their "debts"
  • 7 years is the average life expectancy for someone in the human sex trade
  • 100,000 women and children are sold for sex (in the US) each year
  • Girls as young as 7 years old are sold
  • The average age for a sex slave is 14 years old
  • Homicide rates are 17% higher for sex slaves
  • Trafficking generates approximately $19 Billion annually 
  • Sex trafficking is 90% female
  • Of the 10% of males, all are below the age of 16
  • Many of these people are subject to rape, torture, starvation, forced abortion, abuse, STDs, and threats to family
  • The most common place for sex trafficking in the US is on the internet
  • Backpage.com and Craigslist.com account for 98% of internet prostitution
  • Contrary to popular belief, Las Vegas is not the city with the highest prostitution in the US, San Fransico is
  • The odds of someone you know being sold into trafficking is 1 in 25
San Francisco is the #1 city in the US for sex trafficking. In 2010, more than 8 pimps were arrested in separate cases for selling underage girls for sex.